Omnilux Red Light & Blue Light


Omnilux treatments are totally non-invasive for patients who suffers from Acne. The treatment does not damage normal tissue and works with the body's own natural processes to rejuvenate the skin. The treatments consist of two different lights.


What is OmniluxTM light therapy for acne?

Omnilux blue™ is a light source that is specially tuned to activate natural chemicals found in the bacteria that cause skin redness in acne. When stimulated, these chemicals destroy the bacteria. Omnilux revive™ is used in combination with Omnilux blue™. Omnilux revive™ stimulates cells in your body that help with the healing process and reduce the inflammation surrounding the acne lesion.


Blue Light

One of the key bacteria responsible for the inflammation is Propionibaterium acnes. The blue light stimulates body to produce a type of natural chemical that eradicates the bacteria and therefore decrease the inflammations and redness of acne skin.  


Red Light

Omnilux Red Light is proven to stimulate cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair and regeneration. The whole treatment area can be bathed in pure red light to maximize treatment outcome.

Combination phototherapy of Omnilux Blue Light and Omnilux Red Light works through the anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory mechanism and regeneration of tissue collagen to achieve a satisfactory result for acne treatment. 

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